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Terrifically Tasty Tomato Tree Fruit
In the farmer's market in Boquete, Panama, I tasted my first tree tomato. Yes it is a tomato that grows on a tree. And no, it hardly tastes like a tomato. it's more like a sweet fruit. You slurp the delicious juicy pulp out of the skin and throw away the peel. Of course, part of the magic of discovering a new food in a remote corner of the world is that you are in a remote corner of the world. Boquete is a mountain town in the cloud forest of western Panama, very close to the Costa Rican border. Until about 20 years ago, Boquete and its surrounding Province of Chiriqui, was cut off from the rest of the country. Boquete was connected only with the city of David by rattly trains. It was not until the Pan American highway was built through the area that Boquete linked up. From its history of isolation, Boquete had developed its own unique character, culture - and foods.

Av. A Este, Bajo Boquete, Panama
Sun - Sat 8am - 8pm