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Mercado Central de San Pedro

Cusco's Ultimate Local Market
During our first day in Cusco, we were wandering somewhat aimlessly when we ran into the Mercado Central de San Pedro. Not entirely sure what to expect, we walked in to explore and were instantly overjoyed.

The market, a huge tented space, is home to loads of local vendors doling out cheeses, meats, toys, herbs, freshly baked bread and candy. A long row of women manned counters serving up freshly squeezed juices using your choice of available fruit. We opted for an orange/passionfruit juice to go, fuel for our journey through the remainder of the market.

Locals were trading in their nuevo soles for goods, and loading up bags to go. The back part of the market houses food stations with prepared food for ready-made lunch and the local Cusquena beer or Inka Cola for takers. The whole scene was welcoming and real. For our first day outside of the bounds of Lima, we finally felt like we were beginning to discover what Peru's all about.

Cascaparo s/n, Mercado Central de San Pedro, Cascaparo, Cusco 08000, Peru