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Costs You Should Expect When Planning a Funeral Melbourne  Australia

Costs You Should Expect When Planning a Funeral

Perhaps one of the greatest things you will spend money on in your lifetime would be on a funeral service—right up there with getting a new home or car. Hence, there are several facets of a funeral that are expensive—these you should know.

As with every kind of service, the funerals cost will depend largely on the services you want rendered. The more elaborate the funeral, the more you will need to spend. While the less elaborate the funeral, the less you will need to spend. There are several options to choose from that may affect your final price, including holding a memorial service or having the body buried or cremated.

Costs of a Complete Funeral

When all services are considered, the costs of a complete funeral can be really high. Below is a list of items and services:

- The standard fees of the funeral home
- The conveyance of the deceased’s body to the funeral home
- The preparation of the remains for the funeral, including embalming and clothing
- Viewing services
- Funeral service
- Hearse
- Service vehicle
- Upfront cash for services like paperwork, death certificate procurement, cleric, newspaper, publication, etc.
- Coffin
- Crypt

Some cash need to be provided upfront so that the funeral home can begin the process of setting up the funeral. It will be used in purchasing some required items in your name.

Alternatives to Complete Funeral

One alternative to complete Funerals is to have a memorial service. It removes the financial burden of viewing of the body and usually occurs after the deceased’s body has been disposed, either by cremating or by burial. Having a memorial service is as dignifying as having a full funeral ceremony. It just is a more financially considerate option. Also, it can be modified to conform to the taste of the family of the deceased.

Remains Disposal by Cremation

One way to dispose of the body is by cremation. Cremation is five times less costly than a full burial which can cost anywhere from five thousand dollars. This is why cremation has seen a sharp rise in body disposal choices in the US, because it is a lot cheaper than a normal burial. In fact, statistics has it that 36% of body disposals in 2008 were by cremation. This number has risen since then. When this option is combined with a funeral, the costs are respectably lower than when considering earth burial. This cheaper combination has become the enticing choice.

- Service Costs for Cremation
- Coffin to hold the remain in before cremation
- Proof of death and permit
- Conveyance for the remains
- Delivery services after cremation
- Incineration Fees
- Up-front cash for cleric and publication in a local daily

In the end, you are responsible for the cost of the funeral. Make it as big as you want, otherwise make it to fit into any budget of yours. Funeral plans are fully flexible. To be able to take advantage of its flexibility, you have to research. Ensure you are going for the funeral home with the best value for your money. And when you find one, there is nothing wrong with doing a rehearsal so it all goes smoothly on that day. It’s the best way to say goodbye to that lost, loved one.