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Top 3 Countries You Should Visit In Africa Melbourne  Australia

Top 3 Countries You Should Visit In Africa

Africa is a continent that is incredibly vast and packed with diverse experiences to last a lifetime. No matter what you feel like doing, be it lazing at a beach with gigantic mountains surrounding you or gaping at herds of elephants, lions and buffaloes, it has something of everything. The food, people and culture overall are as vibrant and colourful as their language and attire, which are all worth experiencing. However, with over 40 countries contained within the continent, you would be forgiven for being hard-pressed on where to go. Maybe this list of top 3 countries to visit will help you narrow it down to some extent.


If not for anything else, Tanzania is a must purely on account of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Africa’s tallest mountain and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, the hike up to the summit is a challenging yet incredibly invigorating experience. Even the most experienced climbers will find this one to be quite the task, although the way up makes everything worth it. You will be treated to vistas of desert, ice, rainforests and moors as you pass through varying climates. Make sure you pack all the right stuff, and if it is your first time with a guide in a group.


If you have not watched the movie yet, then you live on another planet. Madagascar gained even more popularity through the much-loved and well-known Hollywood creation, drawing attention to the actual country’s indigenous species: the lemur. This ring-tailed, curious-eyed creatures are an absolute delight to see in their natural habitat. Also referred to as the 08th continent based on its sheer size, browse through some Madagascar safaris to see its wonderful sights. For those of you who love to get up-close and personal with wildlife, Madagascar should be on your list. Oh and the Baobab trees are fully worth it too!


Namibia made it onto the list primarily because it is one of the best places to take Africa’s stunning landscape in, in all its entirety. The vistas are simply majestic, and the area is great for the Big 5 sightings. Visit Etosha National Park which is one of Africa’s biggest game reserves, where you can look forward to outdoor camping experiences in tents under thousands of stars. If it was not said before, Africa truly is an experience of a lifetime.

Plan Well

The key to any great trip not just an African one, is thorough planning. When it comes to a place as special as Africa though, it would do you good to plan well. Make the most out of your time there, because no matter how many times you go, it will never seem enough. There are so many interesting things to observe and experience, that you do not feel time pass by. Look for reviews of accommodation options and tips for things to do. Different areas have different interests and visitors are from a plethora of backgrounds. Choose one that fits you best.