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Melbourne Cricket Ground

A Day at A Ball Game… but not Baseball
Melbourne isn’t nicknamed Australia’s sporting capital without reason. The city has held the 1956 Olympic Games, 2007 Commonwealth Games and is home to some of the countries biggest sporting events.

If you can’t visit Melbourne in time for the Australian Open (January) you can still get a taste of the event when taking a tour of the Rod Laver Arena. See the players change rooms and walk onto the court and visit the Walk of Champions – a showcase of the Australian Open winners through the years.

From April to September Melbourne is divided as rival AFL (Australia Rules Football) teams take to grounds across the country, but come the summer months Australians unite to follow the national cricket team.
There is no better place to learn about Australia’s cricket and AFL history than the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – the birthplace of AFL and home to the National Sports Museum.
Melbourne Cricket Ground
The MCG is not just Australia's premier sporting venue: This is hallowed ground and a site of pilgrimage for many Aussies, playing host to the country’s biggest cricket and Australian rules football matches over the past 100 years. Try to make it to a game if you can—with a capacity of over 100,000, the atmosphere can be terrific—but if that's not possible, it’s still worth taking a tour and dropping into the on-site National Sports Museum.
Melbourne Cricket Ground  East Melbourne  Australia

Brunton Ave, Richmond VIC 3002, Australia
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