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74120 Megève, France

Skiing in Megeve

Megeve is a wonderfully charming ski village near Mont Blanc with a splendid selection of restaurants, hotels and shops, esp. the charcuterie in the center of the village sells the most wonderful selection of local delicacies, like the saucisson sec (dry salami) and chevre (goat cheese). Our favorite is Hotel les Aravis, a charming little hotel just on the outskirts of Megeve near the Princess lift. It not only offers a wonderful selection of petit dejeuner composed of pain au chocolat, croissant and baguettes, but also, the owners are absolutely friendly, as we were greeted with a smile and a hearty ‘Bonjour’ every morning. And the rooms have an amazing view over the valley from which I enjoyed the sun rise and set every day.


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about 7 years ago

La Grande Odyssee Dogsled Race

There's something exhilarating about watching the sun rise at subzero temperatures while hundreds of dogs are being readied for what is believed to be the hardest dogsled race in the world because of its 11 days of ups and downs.

The dogs are friendly and the handlers even friendlier. It's great fun to walk around the dogs and watch them being fed and massaged and groomed and harnessed. The vets, all ten of them, do the rounds to make sure the dogs are in shape to run that day.

Each evening the race stops in a different village so it's easy to catch either the arrival or the departure the next morning if you happen to be in the French Alps in January. I caught up with it in Megeve but I could also have met up with it elsewhere - organizers map it out on their website and make it easy to meet up.

It can get very cold waiting for the dogs to be ready and unlike winter sports, when you're active and can get warm, there's no place to hide on a mountain. Make sure you wear the right clothes because there's every chance you'll have to walk to the starting line, wait for the first team, and each team after that.