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Medina, Marrakesh

The Medina Souk at night
While in Marrakech, we stayed near the medina (old town square) and frequented the souk (market) for new and delicious experiences at all hours.

During the day you'll find 20 or more vendors selling hand-squeezed orange juice for 10 cents a glass, women painting hands with henna, men snake charming, and much more. The market depends on tourists but it's charming none the less.

When night comes, the bustle truly begins though and the crowd seemed a better mix of locals and visitors. At nightfall men pulled carts into the square, started generators and assembled the labyrinth of stalls. Stands selling strange meals (sheep's brain, goats head and the like), mounds of dried fruit, vats of escargot, and silver pots of mint julep tea popped up everywhere within the hour. Most of all, I loved peeking around the checkerboards of dates, figs, apricots after dinner.

If you visit this market make sure to bargain for a better price and shop around. Always agree on a price before anything is exchanged. If a monkey jumps on your shoulder or a woman paints a flower on your hand- it's going to cost you even if they say it's free. Browse before picking a place to eat, go where the locals are and don't sit down until you've decided.

*Make friends with an orange juice vendor and be a loyal customer- we always went to stall 16 and after a week they knew our names, took us to a club, pointed us to the best food, and were so helpful.
Mellah, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco