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McDonald's Mons

Real coffee @ McDonalds
Sure, McDonalds gets a lot of heat from the media and self-appointed health gurus who say that the restaurant chain is responsible for all the world's fat children, adults and probably canines too but oh, the coffee.

In the USA I personally think that the coffee served in McDonalds is pretty good. Well, here in Belgium it is even better. They serve Douwe Egberts, the Dutch coffee that is also the most popular "joe" in Belgium.

So if you're traveling in Europe and are not sure about the local coffee (in some countries it is worse than the stuff they serve on airplanes), check out the McDonalds brew. And while you're at it, get a Big Mac and some fries too!

Grand Place 39, 7000 Mons, Belgium
+32 65 33 47 37
Sun 11am - 11pm
Mon - Thur 10am - 11pm
Fri, Sat 10am - 12am