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Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines
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The Very Shy but Majestic Mayon Volcano   Philippines

The Very Shy but Majestic Mayon Volcano

Three years back, a couple of friends & I went to visit the Bicol region in the Philippines. Ever since I was a kid in school, we learned that Bicol is known for one of Philippine's most popular attractions, the Mayon Volcano, the most beautiful and still active volcano up to this day. I first saw this in one of the Reader's Digest books called Natural Wonders of the World. I was so amazed that it was included considering that there were only 2 entries from the Philippines, and the rest of the places from countries I never even heard about.

So finally, after 4 decades, I was able to visit this place. Upon arriving at Legazpi City, Mayon should already be visible from the airport. Unfortunately, for us, the sky was covered with clouds. Locals say she (Mayon) is very shy. But since we're staying for about 5 days in the region, we'll probably get to see the whole volcano clearly at one point if we get to know her better :-) We have proceeded to other provinces and returned, and it was still cloudy.

Finally, as we arrived at the airport to head home, Mayon showed up majestically and so gracefully outside our van window and this is the shot I took. Mayon is considered one of the most perfectly symmetrical triangle shaped cone, just like how a kid would draw a volcano. I was amazed at how she (Mayon) was always so close and just in front of us, but we just could not see it because it was totally covered by the clouds.

Legazpi City is arnd a 1-hr flight from Manila.