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Maui, Hawaii, USA

Wandering for wildlife

There's plenty of interesting wildlife on and around Hawaii, but you have to seek it out. Hike Oahu’s Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail for a chance to see humpbacks breaching offshore, then head to the North Shore to observe sea turtles basking on Laniakea Beach. You may encounter shaggy mountain goats along Kauai’s Napali Coast or in Waimea Canyon, and look out for the feral pigs who inhabit the islands' forests. (They are a considered a pest, and underneath the full moon hunters emerge to control the pig population). Geckos abound, but if you hope to spot a three-horned Jackson’s Chameleon—introduced to the islands in the 1970s—you’ll need to do some searching at night.

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over 7 years ago

Cliff Jumpers

While on Maui, I came across these daring cliff jumpers. They ran and jumped off the ledge and free fell into the ocean below.
about 7 years ago

The Beautiful Road Around Maui

This beautiful road around Maui provides great scenic views and some scares. It is quite narrow.

Some great snorkeling around these parts.
over 7 years ago

A new way to see Maui, from the air!

When you hear "Maui" your brain might conjure up images of beautiful beaches, luau's, sunsets and water sports. Well you wont be disappointed, they're all here, but one of the most memorable experiences I had in Maui was paragliding. When I heard that I was going paragliding, I pictured a hang glider, I'm not sure why but that's what popped into my head. I was thinking, do I really want to be tied to a huge kite and run off a cliff....well, maybe, I've done dumber things. But I was very happy to learn there was no "big kite" involved. I would be flying tandem with a certified instructor and there would be no jumping off a cliff, just a quick run down the hill. After my brief orientation on the basics and safety, me and my instructor were ready to take off! Run, run, run....and after a few seconds we were soaring high above the beautiful island of Maui. And since there are no motors, there's no noise. The instructor would steer back and forth letting me soak in the incredible view. The flight was a 3000ft decent - Approximately 12-15 minutes up in the air! This was amazing! Paragliding was to one of the most exciting things I've ever done. I HIGHLY recommend it! As soon as we landed, I wanted to go up again but I'll have to wait until my next Maui adventure!

"Live the adventure"
over 7 years ago

Secret Beach on Maui!

I loved finding this gem on Maui. Beautiful beach with red sand and perfect swimming hole. It's a must if you ever go to Hawaii.