Playing Tarzan in the Alps
I was always wary of bungee jumping, so imagine my trepidation when I was strapped into a harness and told to step (or jump if I dared) off a small ledge and swing out over a seriously deep gorge. We were in Martigny and our guides had led us down a dirt trail, under a bridge to something called the pendulum. A large cable dangled from under the bridge and our guides harnessed me—securely they promised—to that cable before I took my Indiana Jones-style leap (one handed, as I’d come directly from the hospital having broken my finger a day earlier). The initial plummet feels as if your stomach has just exploded in your mouth. But then you are smoothly flying out above the treetops before coasting backwards toward the bridge. After that first jump, everyone became dare-devilish adding twists, turns, and going hands-free. It was the ultimate rush.

We came down from our high with a picnic lunch of local meats, cheeses, and butternut squash soup complemented by local wines from the Valais.
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1920 Martigny, Switzerland