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Alphorns and Apricots on a Sunday Morning
One weekend during a summer study abroad in Switzerland, a fellow student and I decided to explore a different corner of the country. So we hopped on the train...

It was a Sunday morning when we found ourselves in Martigny. We left the sleepy train station and soon found an excavated section of an old Roman road that used to lead up through the Alps and then down into Italy. As we walked along it, we found apricot trees, full of ripe fruit—there is nothing sweeter than an apricot warmed by the sun on a Swiss morning.
Then we began hearing something. "Is that Alphorn-playing?” We couldn't help but think of the old Ricola commercials. So we followed the sound, walking and still eating apricots, and ended up finding a rehearsal by an alphorn band, practicing in the two-thousand-year-old ruins of a Roman amphitheater.

1920 Martigny, Switzerland