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Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel

The Very Soul of Haiti in These Veve Flags
They're easily my favorite items in the extensive local art collection on display throughout the Marriott Port-au-Prince –– brightly-colored, hand-sewn Veve Flags, also known as Vodou Flags.

The first time I saw them hanging prominently in the Great Room just off the hotel lobby, I literally lost track of a conversation I was having on the phone, stopped dead in my tracks and stared.

The pieces tower over the comfy seating area, espousing a distinct sense of Haitian pride and cultural heritage.

Each flag represents a different loa, or spirit well-known in Vodou tradition, though you don't need to know their individual back stories to appreciate the beauty of these flags, and Haiti's homegrown religion.

147 Ave Jean-Paul II, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
+509 28 14 2800