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MARRAKECH MEDINA, RYAD ZITOUE LAKEDIM derb jedid n 8, Marrakesh 40040, Morocco
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Bio cosmetic and pure Moroccan argan oil Marrakech  Morocco
Bio7anot propose a bio cosmetic products and pure argan oil grown in southeast of Morocco Marrakech  Morocco
Bio cosmetic and pure Moroccan argan oil Marrakech  Morocco
Bio7anot propose a bio cosmetic products and pure argan oil grown in southeast of Morocco Marrakech  Morocco

Bio cosmetic and pure Moroccan argan oil

Cosmetic argan oil..The Berber women did not participate in the laboratories to make soaps, to light up and to apply to the oil of argan on the skin and the hair to refine to soften it, to fortify and, nourishing them , To increase their brightness. For more than a thousand years, they have been protecting themselves from the bites of the wind, the sun and the sand, and are covered with this oil extracted from a fruit. They entrust to it the beauty of their body, as they infuse newborns who thus enjoy a protection millennium against skin infections.

In the traditional pharmacopoeia, argane is used to treat acne, alopecia, eczema, chicken pimples, burns, irritations, cracks and preventive miscarriages. It is also used to treat stretch marks in pregnant women.

As for the foliage of cosmetic argan oil, it has anti-inflammatory properties. It treats rheumatism, joint pain and earache. Applied in poultices, the cake treats wounds and fortifies the scalp. In case of stomach pain, the Berbers drink a decoration of the argan tree prepared from the grated bark of the tree.

Berber Cosmetic argan oil

According to the evil to relieve, the shape of the massage change. There are massages in circles, kneading, kneading, tapping, clapping … Sometimes we use the whole main and sometimes only the phalanges.
Cosmetic argan oil not used more often to extract from virgin, unroasted almonds. Its color is that of clear honey and not amber as in the case of edible oil. This oil only has a slight odor.
According to the case preparation change. But the mixture still concerns argan oil and a palette of essential oils in a concentration of 3%. By their fineness and their active principles, these plants have the ability to penetrate by capillary action in the blood. The day after a massage with essential oils. Traces are found in the urine.
The preparation is lukewarm before the massage.
It is enough to put little oil in the hands that are rubbed against one another before massaging.t one turns back several times during the course of massage. These indications are useful for both massage and automation.
To stem a pain the will and patience are required, or a daily repetition over several weeks, or several months.
A preparation to keep better in shade. Do not keep it too long, prefer to renew your mix before each massage.
Relieving rheumatism, arthrosis, joint pain, heavy legs

Add to the cosmetic argan oil a few drops of oils, rosemary, thyme, and eucalyptus. Practice a circular massage around the joint or on the painful area. For the legs, work with the palms of the hands and with the palms of the hands and with the fingertips in touch. Also use the pressure technique. Also use the pressure technique slid with the palms or fingers to relax deeply.

Fighting scalp psoriasis and hair loss

To add a little olive oil, castor oil, garlic oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and some oil of cosmetic argan oil, Black cumin oil (nigelle). Practice circular massages on the scalp. Leave for forty-five minutes. Rinse and shampoo. This application fortifies dry, damaged, electric hair, and activates regrowth.

Activate blood circulation

Add to the Cosmetic argan oil a mixture of a few drops of essential oils of cinnamon, lemon and thyme. Knead and knead powerfully enough to penetrate deep into the tissues, dissolve tensions, “defibrillate” them, stimulate blood circulation, and revitalize the whole body. Move the hands twisting around the muscles slowly but firmly to stretch the fibers. Respect a regular rhythm, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. This technique releases muscle contractures by eliminating toxins, fatigue and resistance, sets in motion the fluids, and restores the sensation of the limits of the body regimen. Finish the massage by tapping, activating the blood circulation.

Accelerate healing. Soothe burns. Fighting stretch marks, alleviating brown spots

Argan oil is used pure. A few drops are sometimes sufficient in direct application to wounds or irritated areas of the skin. Depending on the case, it takes six months in daily use rather than ten days. It is an evening care that acts during the night.

Remove beads, roundness and cell

Used in slimming massage, argan oil is mixed with paraffin oil and essential oil of lemongrass. The massage focuses on particular areas, belly and / or thighs, for example. The masseur uses his knuckles and always goes from the outside to the inside pressing very strongly. After three weeks of such a daily massage for half an hour, a small hard ball has formed in the center of the belly or inside of the formed in the center of the belly or inside the thighs Is to dissolve by pressure with the phalanges.

NB: pain, leaves blues. With a proper diet and exercises, neither the beads nor the cellular come back.

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Bio7anot propose a bio cosmetic products and pure argan oil grown in southeast of Morocco

Moroccan souks

Moroccan souks..Never understand what you might find in the souk. From Art Deco gems in Marrakesh’s collectibles market to a 1950s food processor in Casablanca’s junk market, a fascinating array of items washes up in these bastions of the unexpected. Weekly markets, to which farmers and their families flock, are awash with livestock, fruits, vegetables, spices, and nuts, as well as scented oils, repurposed paint-can buckets, and all manner of animal feed. Next to the baked-clay crockery and fluorescent-pink and green popcorn, the apothecary stalls dispense dried chameleons, split rocks with fossils inside, and fragments of meteorite. Look more sport some antique Berber jewelry wedding blanket. Moroccan markets, souks, and bazaars buzz with life.