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Marina Point

2 Pier Point Road
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Through The Screen Cairns  Australia

Through The Screen

The Great Barrier Reef is a majestic home to 2900 individual reefs, 1500 species of fish, 411 hard corals and 134 species of sharks and rays, as well as whales, plants, cucumbers, and the like. Limbering trunks, pink lumps, stretched fingers, layered leaves; the way the coral grows and lives creates a magnificent trippy spectacle unlike anything even the lost avant garde artist could dream up. There's pink Brain Coral, all lumps and bumps, the long and meandering Magnificent Sea Anemone, the funny Mushroom Leather, the gigantic purple Elephant Ear Sponge and the Purple Flatworm that opens and closes like a wonky Cheshire Cat grin. We spot Lion Fish, easily identified by the long wispy 'mane' and my favourite iridescent Swarthy Parrot Fish. Have you ever watched a David Attenborough programme and been amazed and absorbed, but wished you could jump right through that screen and explore yourself? That's the difference between snorkelling and scuba diving. Both offer stunning views and a window to the other world, but the latter lets you go down the rabbit hole (or into the sea) and actually experience it. Tickle the coral. Become lost in a school fish swimming around and through you. Turn your head left and right and up and down and be in this different world. The colours, the sights, the feel - all are intensified, turned up to ten. Magical.