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It's Kaimito Season Again!
Wow! Our fruit basket at home is filled with a variety of special tropical fruits which I eagerly await its harvest season every year. I'm always excited when the summer season (March to May for the Philippines) arrives, not just because it's beach season but it also means lots of tropical fruits.

One of my favorites is the Kaimito or Star Apple, comes in either green or purple. It's best to eat them chilled especially under the hot summer weather. However, some prefer to have it at room temperature, which they believe makes it sweeter. The meat is soft white, sometimes purplish, with transparent jelly-like sections in the middle. The juices are milky and a bit sticky like sap.

The proper way to open them is to cut through the middle horizontally while holding the stem side up. This way, when you open it, you can see a star shape on each side. My version is a 3-dimensional star though, since we vied for the most perfect star when we were kids :-) I would cut it a third or just a quarter deep from the outside around the fruit. With one hand on the bottom part & the other above, twist in opposite directions. Open it up & you'll get something like the photo above :-)

While we normally experience hot weather all year long, these months are extremely hot and humid and these refreshing tropical fruits cool us down.

If you're visiting the country this time of the year, be sure to go visit the fruit market or even a supermarket to try these delicious fruits.

San Antonio, Pasig, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines