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Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates—a package of entertainment
Mall of the Emirates is where Dubai meets, eats, entertains, and goes ski driving.

In summer the temperatures outside are so warm, if you stay there or have a stay over—here is where to meet. Most of the hotels offer a shuttle. For breakfast, brunch or even lunch at the food courts, do your money exchange at the malls, shopping, book and traditional store. If you and you children like skiing, you want to watch a movie..... just proceed.

Dubai Has Shopping Everywhere
Shopping in Dubai has been elevated to a higher level than just about anywhere else in the world. There are two kinds of shopping you do in Dubai, modern and traditional. The traditional shopping in Dubai is mainly found in the old section of town, near the Creek. Here's you'll find the many souks that will cater to particular types of items. For modern shopping you have several gigantic malls to choose from. These malls are jam packed with all of the global brands you might expect from any modern malls.

If you venture into the side streets of the old town near Ras Metro Station, you'll find the many traditional markets, or "souks". The most famous of these souks is the gold souk on Gold Souk road. This large pedestrian street is lined with shops selling all kinds of jewellery. You'll even find the world’s largest ring in the gold souk weighing in at almost 64kg. In the same area, you'll also find the spice souk, and the garment souk. Both of these souks are great places to wander and bargain for all kinds of items.

In the modern part of the city, malls are the place to go for your shopping needs. Malls like the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall, and the IBN Batutta Mall have just about every kind of shop you could ask for and more. The Mall of the Emirates has a giant indoor sky hill and winter fun land, the IBN Batutta Mall is gigantic and features great international themes throughout, and the Dubai Mall is attached to the worlds tallest building the Burj Khalifa.

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