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Making World Travel Your Career

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Most people visit other parts of the world while on vacation, going to visit relatives or to further their academic studies. These travels are generally well planned in advance, even if they are only to last for a few weeks. There is another way to see the world and truly immerse yourself in the various cultures, languages, and customs that make each country unique. By pursuing international relations graduate programs you can chart your career in foreign countries as you learn how to properly interact with other diplomats and navigate international affairs. One year you could be making your home in Bali and the next could be spent in Kazakhstan. If you enjoy always being challenged in a career where there will never be a shortage of new things to learn, studying diplomacy could lead you to enjoy a career full of worldwide travels.

What Do Foreign Diplomats Do?

As a diplomat working in a foreign country, you can have a number of different assignments. Nations that have treaties with the U.S. may have economic, educational, business or political ties that have to be nurtured and strengthened constantly. Maintaining good relationship with countries that the U.S. does business with or considers to be an ally is just as vital as building bonds with nations that are emerging or have had past conflicts. Think of being a foreign diplomat as being the perfect host, or a hospitable guest if you are stationed in another country.

How Do You Obtain a Job As A Diplomat?

Even with an international relationship masters degree, you will have to work very hard in order to get hired as a foreign diplomat. There will be background checks of all kinds and a screening process that only the very best applicants make it through. It is highly likely that your first job assignments will be in small countries and you may not be given a lot of responsibility in the beginning. However, if you enjoy travel, this shouldn’t be a deterrent at all.

Do Diplomats Ever Work Stateside?

Although foreign diplomats are regularly sent to work in various lands for years at a time, they can sometimes to relegated to stateside positions. Most of these positions are located in the Washington, D.C. area, and you will certainly get to meet a host of officials from foreign countries. You could also be posted to work in another U.S. major city, such as New York City or Los Angeles.
A lot of times when a person wants to travel the world they have to get time off from their job and explore on their free time. Foreign diplomats have to become extremely knowledgeable about both the nations that they visit as well as the people all around them. That may entail being fluent in a foreign language or even changing your style of dress. If the idea of doing something new for work regularly makes you excited and joyous rather than coy and afraid, becoming a foreign diplomat should be a career path that you further investigate.

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