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Makati City

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Halo Halo Makati City  Philippines
Halo Halo
Visiting the Philippines without trying our "Halo Halo" won't be complete. Everytime I have friends or relatives from abroad come visit, I would bring them out to have Halo Halo.

Halo Halo came from the Tagalog word for "mix" which is what it is. Halo Halo is a favorite dessert among Filipinos and is made up of a many ingredients such as beans (kidney beans, garbanzos, red beans), fruits (plantain bananas, jackfruit) and coconut based jelly-like desserts (sugar palm or kaong, nata de coco made from coconut juice). Then lots of shaved ice and milk are placed over it. And finally, topped with a small slice of leche flan (the local version of cream custard) and ube yam (purple yam). Some versions also top it with some gelatin, cheese and pinipig (crispy rice). Oh, and a special one comes with a scoop of ice cream on top. My favorite flavor would be Ube :-)

But wait, we're not yet done yet! The proper way to eat it is to MIX it up first so that each spoonful gives you an explosion of taste of each and every ingredient :-)

The best ones are from the public markets, but you can also get these at the most luxurious hotel restaurants. My recommendation: go to something in between :-)

Chow King (a local food chain), Icebergs (a local ice cream and snack bar chain), and Razon's (a local family owned establishment) all offer great halo halo at great prices too. There are a lot of branches, and are either stand-alone restaurants or stalls located in the mall food courts.

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines