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Madre de Dios

Traipse Through the Treetops in the Peruvian Amazon
An easy 25-minute flight from Cuzco and you can be in the river town of Puerto Maldonado, the start of a truly unforgettable experience in the Peruvian Amazon. A stay at the amazing Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica ecolodge was my first jungle experience and one of our best memories from a trip to Peru.

You'll begin your Ikaterra stay with a relaxing 45-minute boat ride down the Madre de Dios River to the ecolodge. The lodge offers plush accommodations, delicious food, and a wide range of activities for all interests and fitness levels: guided rainforest tours, either by day or by night; a relaxing canoe ride to the one-of-a-kind Lake Sandoval, with its howler monkeys, anacondas, macaws, and giant river otters; a day trip to a traditional Peruvian Ese Eja village; or a twilight boat ride to watch the daytime animals head to bed and the nighttime ones come alive.

But by far my favorite activity at the Inkaterra was a canopy walk through the treetops 100 feet off the ground. Never one to fear heights, I found the climb to the top of the first 100-foot tower exhilarating. As I traipsed through the canopy on gently swaying bridges, I couldn't believe I was eye to eye with howler monkeys and exotic birds, seeing them first-hand in their natural habitat.

If you visit the Peruvian Amazon, I highly recommend a stay at the Inkaterra, and if you do nothing else while you're there, make time for the unforgettable canopy tour.
Wildlife Photography Wonder.
The Inn is located within the 274,690-hectare Tambopata National Reserve, one of the world’s most species-richbiodiverse natural protected areas and the meeting point of three distinct biomes: lowland tropical rainforest, cloudforest and humid tropical savannah and extensive palm swamps. The scene of numerous biodiversity world records —including the sighting of 620 bird species around the Inn — the reserve provides unrivalled opportunities to observe Amazonian wildlife up close and personal.

Whether you are an experienced research scientist or simply want to experience tropical rainforest for the first time, the Explorer's Inn is the place for you. Visit us and wake to the roars of howler monkeys and the numerous melodies of the resident caciques that nest in the palms beside the bungalows. Spend the day walking jungle trails and paddling across oxbow lakes as tiny saddleback tamarin monkeys leap through the forest canopy, and precocious giant river otters fish for their breakfastand black caimans bask by the banks. Relax and watch the sun set over the swirling waters of the Tambopata River as brightly-colored macaws and oropendolas fly overhead on route to their roosting sites
Wildlife Photography Wonder. Tambopata  Peru