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Machu Picchu Mountain

Climbing Machu Picchu Mountain: the most difficult hike I've ever done
Machu Picchu Mountain is situated in front of the citadel, towering 3,061 m (10,042 ft) height, 631 meters (2070 feet) higher than Machu Picchu, and provides unparalleled and breathtaking views of the Inca sanctuary and the mountains surrounding it.
Only 400 people daily can do the Machu Picchu Mountain hike, divided into two different groups: from 7:00 – 8:00 AM, and 9:00 to 10:00 AM. The tickets have to be purchased at the Machu Picchu entrance.
Hiking Machu Picchu Mountain takes at least 3h, and the trail is well-marked, easy to follow and made up of stones with terrain in some parts. If the trail isn’t difficult, the high altitude makes everything arduous.
The ascent is constant in this hike and there isn’t any flat part.
The problem was that I had very limited time, so I had to everything in a hurry and without resting. To complete it was very hard, and I didn't have too much water.
But after around 1h I saw the summit and got excited. Few more ascents and I reached the top of Machu Picchu Mountain and felt exhilarated.
The panoramic vista is from another world. The inca ruins, Huayna Picchu and Putucusi Mountains looked so small behind the giant row of mountains that it made me wonder if it was true what I was seeing. I was astonished!
The awe-inspiring view was still composed by a bright blue sky, clouds and the Urubamba River snaking around colossal mountains covered with lush vegetation. What a gift from our mother nature!