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Machu Picchu

The Birds and the Bees
I knew that two aspects of the new Tamron 16-300mm Di II VC PZD MACRO lens would require some real field testing on my part before I could consider adding the lens to my everyday carry bag. I first wanted to test whether or not the lens could render smooth out-of-focus backgrounds (otherwise known as Bokeh) given the maximum f/6.3 aperture at certain long lengths. I then wanted to see the Tamron’s macro capabilities in action. One look at this image should tell you that I was quite impressed with the Tamron’s ability to render smooth backgrounds—blown away, in fact.

I shot this beautiful hummingbird while wandering the jungle near Machu Picchu. The background was a mess of leaves, sticks, and branches that I didn’t want distracting from my tiny feathered friend. Luckily, the background elements were quite a few feet away from my subject; the maximum aperture of f/6.3, combined with a long focal length of 270mm and the Tamron’s ability to focus exceptionally close, allowed me to put all my attention on the bird, and capture a fleeting memory that I’ll always cherish. The Tamron’s ability to render 1:2.9 macro reproduction is especially handy in situations where you have a small subject and plenty of distance between that subject and your background.