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Mabul Island

Exploring Mabul: Over and Under the Water
Located a short boat ride away from Sipidan, a world-renowned diving site lauded by Jacques Cousteau, Mabul itself is popular with divers and snorkelers eager to see firsthand the denizens under the water.

However, Mabul is also a cultural experience above the waves. Home to the Bajau Laut, the world's only tribe of nomadic sea gypsies, these fishermen spend most of their lives on that water. Over the years, many have given up a strictly nomadic lifestyle, building palm-thatched huts on stilts and returning home each evening from fishing.

The Bajau children, I'm convinced, are half fish and are fearless in the water and around the boats. Make sure to take a walk around the island to meet these friendly and inquisitive kids. If you're lucky, they might even invite you to join in their game of marbles.
Mabul Island, Sabah, Malaysia