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Maasai Mara National Reserve

The Cheetah Experience
On a recent Photography Safari to Maasai Mara, we continued documenting the life of one particular Cheetah called Malaika (Angel In swahili.) We have been following her raise her initial 5 cubs..currently 4 since one was killed by predators a couple of months ago. On this particular experience, as we were filming her, she jumped on to one of the jeeps and her sub adult 4 cubs followed her onto the jeep. The Cheetah mother settled on the top most roof, two on the rear tires, one on the bonnet and another one was curious enough to peep into the open jeep. This normally happens when the Cheetah is looking for a vantage point to scout the plains for potential prey. This lasted some 5 minutes and they all came down and hunted a wildebeest calf from a nearby herd. Quite some wild experience!!