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Maasai Mara National Reserve

"Pride Rock" on a hike with the Maasai Mara Tribesman
After spending a few days camping in a nearby park and exploring the animal reserve the Maasai Mara Tribesman took us on a hike where we gathered fruit and herbs that they later used to cook us a home cooked meal. Half way through the hike we discovered a cliff that reminded us of the "pride rock" in Lion King where we watched the sunset shine across the Kenya landscape.

Three in a row
Out of all the animal I saw in Africa, Zebras were my favorite. They're so funny looking and their bray made me laugh every time I heard it

Don't wear white on safari...
We began our safari stranded on a washed out dirt road several hours from the Masaii Mara Game Reserve. Mud splattered all over us as we pushed the truck out of the ditch, and there was no place to wash up. I hopped into the back seat and my friend climbed through the door when the truck started to roll. Our cook Shaggy, who couldn't drive, accidently hit the gear shift. He tried to push the break but hit the clutch instead causing the truck to roll faster. Dick, our driver began to run alongside the truck trying to get in. Unfortunately, we were at the top of a hill headed down with trucks coming up. Several in our group dove for the front seat, as the speed picked up. Dick kept running down the hill with us. In a matter of seconds things got worse, Dick jumped in between our truck and another just as we slammed into it. We sat in awe for a moment, thankful his life had been spared.
Later that day, we saw gazelle, zebra, elephants, a family of lions and the most graceful cheetah lounging on a rock.
I felt incredibly fortunate.

Lion Yawning
My wife and I recently traveled to the Maasai Mara, Kenya to go on a safari where experienced the trip of a lifetime. This is just one of the many sights we were lucky enough to see. This male lion had just woken up from a long nap and I was fortunate enough to capture him in the middle of his yawn. The early morning light accentuates his golden mane and highlights the flies around his eyes and head. The long strand of saliva running from the top of his jaw to the bottom helps to frame his enormous mouth dotted with razor sharp teeth.

3 days Maasai Mara
This is the cheapest and the shortest way to visit Maasai Mara for 3 days at only $625, €445, £395 inclusive of:

* Return flights,3 game drives,park fees,all meals

* Accommodation in self contained tents with hot waters showers and flash toilet with 2 beds

Breakfast Meeting
While enjoying a bush breakfast, complete with entertainment from our hotel, this group of giraffes wandered outone by one. They grouped together as if enjoying the music and watching us eat. After a while, they ejnoyed their own breakfast on the the nearby acacia trees. It was fun to watch them as they went about their business as if this sort of thing happened everyday.

Male Lion Enjoying His Lunch
Seeing an adult male lion feasting was truly a treasure of a moment. He did not even seem to notice us or care as he was concerned with tearing off flesh from the corpse of a wildebeest.

Silent Strength
Looking right into the eyes of a full grown female lion is really something special. She was as calm as she was powerful.

Eye Contact With A Leopard
After a few long days trying to complete the 'Big 5,' we lucked out with this fantastic Leopard encounter in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Stop and enjoy the sunset
I was staying at Richard’s Camp while on safari with Wildland Adventures in the Maasai Mara, Kenya and after an amazing safari it was the last night with my guide. We were sitting on the bonnet of the land rover drinking South African wine and watching the sunset, a brilliant orange sunset with tinges of pink in the clouds, watching the wildebeest of the migration munching grass and listening to the grunts of a hippo from the nearby Talek River. We listened, we watched, we talked. It was beautiful. In the midst of this a minivan full of tourists clicking their camera shutters came rushing by and the driver blurted out something to my guide in Swahili. He responded slowly with a smile and a laugh, and the van quickly hurried off. I asked what happened and my guide grinned, “He wanted to know if we were broken down and needed help.” Nope, just enjoying an unbelievable environment to drink a wonderful glass of red. I couldn’t believe they were missing it.

A Setting of Incomparable Beauty and Harsh Reality
From the spectacle of the wildebeest following the rains for their survival in groups of thousands,
to the rolling green hills and acacia trees, to the abdundance of predators and prey that share the territory,the Maasai Mara is a scene of wild beauty and harsh reality. Here a zebra carcass was picked clean, and so recently that with the
rest of it untouched it looked fake.

Safari in Kenya
This was a dream trip for me, and it is impossible to find words to describe seeing the African wildlife close up in their natural environment. The game drives were long, tiring affairs but were so much fun! This is a favorite shot of an elephant off in the distance in the Massai Mara reserve in Kenya.

Picnic Safari
We arrived shortly before the great migration, so we ran into the occasional high-density pocket of wildebeests and zebras (which are really just tawdry donkeys). My buds and I are all pretty serious photographers, and luckily so was our guide who knew the best way to approach an animal so that the light was as ideal as possible. Here we are relaxing and having our lunch, surrounded by many different varieties of animal turds.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Explored Kenya and Tanzania with the coolest group of world travelers. Inspired by Out of Africa (clique, yes), I joined a safari solo and found the adventure addictive. One favorite day on the two week journey was exploring the gorgeous Maasai Mara National Reserve which seems to go on forever and watch African Elephants scratch their tush on acadia trees. The sight of Maasi warriors on mopeds in the middle of the park is a sight to behold as well.#neverwillforget