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La Belleza di Lugano
Lugano, Switzerland is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. With the Mediterranean climate of the Ticino region and the Swiss-Italian culture, Lugano is not your average stadt der Schweiz.

Palm trees sway and colorful flowers bloom down by the lake; while on the horizon, the snow-capped mountains glisten.

Take a stroll down by the lake. Sit at a lido cafe, sip on a macchiato and drink in the brilliance of Lugano.

Peaceful Lake Lugano
Lake Lugano is, which is very close to the Swiss-Italian border is a quaint area tucked away into the hills. On the day I visited rain was heavy but I decided to take a boat ride from Lugano to a tiny town called Gandria, that can only be accessed by boat or by foot. The small town had such an "old-world" feeling. This photograph embodies that area for me...timeless.

The Swiss train system is top-notch and trains run from Zurich to Lugano throughout the day. I highly recommend taking the time to visit these small towns because they really are beautiful.

Lago di Lugano, Swiss and Italian
Lake Lugano snakes between two countries, with two-thirds in Switzerland and one-third in Italy.

Saffron and Ginger re-defined in Parfaits
Parfaits with Saffron and Ginger taste? Yes, we were also intrigued, reading the Ice cream card and ordered.


The Saffron Parfait was served with Passion fruit sauce. It is a good combination of the lightly sour sauce with te sweet and Saffron Parfait

Ginger Parfait: Tasted good too, but needs a bit of a stronger taste of the ginger and some sauce as well. May be lime?

However, go ahead and give it a try!

Summer Swimming in Lake Lugano
On hot summer days the Lido di Lugano, on the eastern edge of Lugano’s lakefront, bustles with families and other water-lovers seeking to slake the heat. The outdoor park and water complex features an Olympic-size swimming pool, a smaller heated pool, and two kiddie pools. You’ll also find an alfresco bar and some self-service restaurants. Entrance fees range from 3 to 10 Swiss francs, depending on ages and access.

For more information about Lugano and its water attractions, visit here.

Lugano, Switzerland