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Luang Prabang

Kuang Tsi Waterfalls ~ Tranquility & Peace
This multi-tiered waterfall is about 32 km from town.You can get there in one hour bt Tuk Tuk or Songthaew and will costs anything from US$5 to US$10 per person.
The road to the Kuang Si Falls is winds through hills with spectacular views of terraced rice fields. You’d pass through a Khamu village called Ban Tat Paen.
When you reached Kuang Si Falls, there are some stalls selling souvenirs and food. The entrance fees is 20,000 kip (US$2.50), You forest area where you’d come across enclosures housing a tiger and a couple of sun bears rescued from poachers. An NGO is supporting this rescue project; if you like you can buy one of the T-Shirts to support their cause.
When you reach the second tier, you’d find small wooden huts for people to change and it is here where you can have a cool dip. It’s very refreshing and cooling during a hot day. After a swim, you can dry yourself and climb further up where there are more multi-tiered, small and big falls and photo enthusiasts would have a great time. All the way to the top, you’ll find a beautiful open space and a bridge from which you can view the highest falls in Kuang Si. The Kuang Si Falls and it’s surrounding areas is very well maintained and is clean. It’s definitely worth a visit.