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Lower Valley of the Omo

Your Tour Guide is Your Access to Amazing Untapped Experiences. There are different kinds of travelers. There is the standard tour
There are different kinds of travelers. There is the standard tour packaged, hotel-staying, follow the flag kind. There is the budget traveling backpackers where one tries to do as much of it on their own as possible. There are the perpetual travelers who are constantly digging for the new untapped source of local experiences. Irrespective to which kind of traveler you are, once in a while you need a guide.

My favorite guides are all self-made men. Boys with a tough upbringing spent their youth struggling for a place in the world, trying to do the right thing and take care of their family. They always impress me the first time I meet them and don’t give me a reason for distrust. They are honorable. They do what they say they are going to do, including being on time and you never feel like you are being hustled. Chapy is one of these self-made man.

In the Lower Omo Valley, after the tribes and villages, we shared the tribal drink made from coffee skin in Buno’s hut with his children. We had long conversations with other tour operators and hung out with them. We shared local dishes and honey wine in unmarked local spot. On occasions he stood by us just close enough to let others know that he is protecting us. We sat by a riverbank one afternoon and watched life go by, unplanned and unscheduled but real. Not only did we get to experience all the sights of the Lower Omo Valley, but we also got to see it from his perspective.

Meeting Chapy has been a highlight!