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Loveat Cafe

The Coffee Culture of Israel
Israel is known as a coffee culture and the Israelis are taking their coffee seriously. The most popular kinds are Middle Eastern coffee (botz in hebrew), Turkish coffee and the Viennese style coffee (cafe hafuch in hebrew). The majority of coffee beans are imported from Italy and Brazil, therefore the aroma is so rich. Cafes and espresso bars are very common in Israel and have increasingly become the center of both social and business life. Due to the comfortable weather, lots of the coffee places have outdoors sitting where people can see and bee seen.
If you order a coffee and you don't mention it as 'to go', the chances are you get it in a nice mug with a cookie or chocolate next to. The Israelis, like the French or the Italians, enjoy having their coffee outdoors and watch the scene and the crowds. Coffee is not just for the drink, but also for the atmosphere and experience.

Barzilai St 1, יפו, 65113, Israel
+972 50-770-6644
Sun - Fri 7am - 6pm
Sat 8am - 6pm