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London, UK
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All Hail the Queen London  United Kingdom

All Hail the Queen

London, a place that thrives with having the most intriguing accents, coolest money, and the greatest atmosphere and yet still gets almost all the awesome things that America gets to enjoy with its Chipotle, Anthropologie and great English language.

I visited London the weekend of October 23 and it was quite an experience, from the royalty and culture, to the palace and Big Ben, it was almost as if I was living my own version of What A Girl Wants myself.

We started off the trip getting picked up by this very European, very British black cab that drove us to the flat we were staying at. The seats sat 4 people in a little square facing one another, it was nothing like i’ve ever seen in the states. After arriving, we walked around the town and ate at some delicious restaurants. Once our meals were finished we ended up taking the tube, the subway in London, and wandering through more of the streets and shops in the city for the rest of the day. Getting to know our stomping grounds for the weekend a little better.

The following day was pretty much the same as the first, with walking around, site seeing, and eating. As a group, decided to live up our inner London pride and take a double decker tour bus around the city to knock off all the sites on our list. Buckingham Palace, where J.K Rowling lives, and the famous gardens of the royalty who are around today, are just some of the locations that we saw whilst on the bus. Not only that, but the bus also had an amazing tour guide that was quite the comedian during the length of the tour and told us all different facts about England and its history.

On our last full day there in London, we attended the most American thing I have experienced in my past 2 months of living abroad… an American Football game. We watched the Jacksonville Jaguars defeat the Buffalo Bills 34-31 at the famous Wembley stadium on the outskirts of the city. Not only was this a very fun and exhilarating day, but it was also pretty cool to see people from all over the world wearing different football jerseys, representing teams in the US. I am personally not a fan of either of these teams, but that day I became a true Jacksonville Jaguar fan due to the spirit that many of the people had, both from the UK and US, it was amazing to see so many people come together from all over to watch something that is not necessarily of their culture. Not only that, but also be a devoted fan as well. It’s very rare to be able to say that you have attended an American football game in London, England.