Llansteffan Castle

Castle Cottage, Llansteffan, Carmarthen SA33 5LJ, UK

Llansteffan Castle stands at the end of what may seem to be a never-ending pathway to the top of the heavens. Do not be daunted by the unsure footing or the grade of the path, for the castle is certainly a prize worth reaching for. While the castle originated in the early 12th century, built by the prolific Norman conquerors of Britain, earlier peoples recognized the strategic value of building atop the hillock. Just before the magnificent gatehouse, today’s main access point into the stone castle, the remains of Iron Age earthworks are visible in the bracken and trees that front the castle. Our family had a great time here. There is no fee to see it so local kids use it as a playground.There were plenty of them around when we got there. Our kids had a great time too, running around the ruins.

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