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Lizard Island

A Beautiful and Wild National Park
Lizard Island, which sits at the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, is a ruggedly beautiful island in the clear blue ocean where you will feel truly secluded from the rest of the world. Pack a delicious gourmet picnic and escape to your own deserted, private beach where the only footprints you are likely to see in the sand are your own. Take a seat at the end of the dock or on the beach and dine on just-caught seafood with a view of the Great Barrier Reef.
Approaching Lizard
On a clear day, the flight from Cairns is beautiful as you fly in over the reef. The flight is about an hour.
Approaching Lizard  Lizard  Australia

AFAR founder resting
Amazing, yet strenuous hike to Cook's lookout where Captain Cook hiked to look for passes through the surrounding reefs.
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Lizard Island
From Sydney a 3-hour flight will bring you to Cairns, a gateway city to one of the world’s true natural wonders: the Great Barrier Reef. While the marine life of the world’s largest living organism draw snorkelers and divers, the reef also has some 900 islands along its 1,400-mile length. Atop one of these islands at the very northern end of the reef is a wonder of hospitality, the Lizard Island resort, where luxury equals exclusivity with only 40 rooms nestled between the island’s 24 white sand beaches. Warren’s itinerary provides three days there—sufficient time to take advantage of some of the resort’s many activities from self-guided nature walks to diving, including night dives, and also relax by the sea or pool.

A full itinerary for Warren’s trip as well as other trips to Australia can be found at AFAR Journeys.
Lizard Island Lizard  Australia

Lizard Island

Sailing north along the Ribbon Reefs, the idyllic white sands of Lizard Island soon appear on the horizon. Explorer James Cook visited this granite island in 1770 on his journey through the Great Barrier Reef, and he named it Lizard Island for the yellow-spotted monitor lizards that scurry through the underbrush here. Today, Lizard Island is protected as part of Lizard Island National Park, home to more than 40 species of birds and a number of historic cultural sites associated with the Dingaal Aborigines.

Lizard Island Lizard  Australia