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Living Room Theaters

341 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205, USA
| +1 971-222-2010
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See a Film at the Living Room Theaters Portland Oregon United States

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Tue - Sat 11am - 5pm

See a Film at the Living Room Theaters

The title really said it all. We just popped into this art-house theater because we'd seen the advert for "Sleepwalk with Me" on its sign. We knew it must be a hip joint because a) it's in Portland's Pearl District, and b) there were lots of young people drinking cocktails at the bar inside. But it was when we sat down in front of the screen that we decided we'd like to live here.

The seats were all armchairs. The bowls of popcorn were ceramic, and twice the size of my head. And the people in the front row were actually being served their dinner during the trailers.

And the cost for a ticket? $9. As a Brit used to paying upwards of $20 for a grim blockbuster experience at her local cinema, I was stunned. Then I found out that ticket prices go down to $7 before 5pm and a ludicrous $5 on Monday and Tuesdays.

Living Room Theaters? If I were a Portland resident, I would definitely be living there.