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Lingshed, Ladakh Region (six days trek to SW)

Women's Dance at Lingshed Festival, Ladakh Region, India
This dance was to honor my host family. Villagers hung katas around her neck as the dance went on. The monks sponsored a festival which celebrated the finishing of the reading of some sacred Tibetan prayers.

The monks chanted while the villagers feasted on tsampa, chipatis, barley balls, butter tea, and copious amounts of chang--fermented barley beer. The villagers gathered for three days of music, dancing and drinking endless cups of chang.

I traveled with www.crookedtrails.org on this three week trek. Horsemen from the village carried our packs, as we took six days to hike over four mountain passes that were over 15,000 feet. We then stayed a week in LIngshed with host families. There is no electricity nor inside plumbing, and marriages are generally arranged during winter festival gatherings with neighboring villages.

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