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L'Hotel In Pietra

22 Via San Giovanni Vecchio
| +39 0835 344040

Creative Cave Dwellings in Matera, Italy

The mysterious beauty of Matera is both imposing and enchanting. Its labyrinth of cascading stone structures can even be dizzying! That is, until you reach the L’Hotel In Pietra.

The boutique hotel offers a luxurious refuge in the Sassi di Matera, literally the stones of Matera. L’Hotel In Pietra’s sleek designs, rustic features and modern comforts provides an authentic glimpse into cave living without diminishing the town's history. In fact, its wondrous collection of units each have a unique layout in order to protest the original layout of the caves. I stayed in Room 1009 and the photo was taken from our room.

As one of the earliest human settlements on record, Matera fell upon hard times when overcrowding and deplorable living conditions led to a forced relocation of all residents in the 1950s. L’Hotel In Pietra's rustic charm and authentic character brings you closer to Matera's past, but makes sure you're pampered and poised to experience its present.

It is a truly unique travel experience.