Les cochons tout ronds
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Strolghino: An International Regional Delicacy
Of the vast array of cured confections at the Atwater Market's Les Cochons Tout Ronds, we were immediately drawn to the strolghino. Though I lived in Italy ten years, I only discovered this delicacy a few months ago, while spending the summer in Umbria. My father-in-law informed us of its prohibitive cost as we impetuously inhaled thick slices of the soft and slightly sweet salame. I learned that it owed its deliciousness (and price tag) to being made from culatello, a rare and prized prosciutto-like product made from the leanest and most tender part of the pig's thigh: its rump (hence the culo in culatello!).

When I asked if the strolghino was made of culatello, the man at the counter said it was made of pork. I figured I was expecting a little much of the guy and bought the salame anyway.

It was only when we got home and devoured the thing in one sitting that we knew we had the right strolghino. What a surprise to find such a rare regional specialty this far from Umbria!
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