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Lennon Wall

Fall light through the trees at the Lennon Wall
I didn't even know about the Lennon Wall until it was the one thing my friend insisted we do in Prague. I'm so glad we want. A ray of sunshine in an otherwise gray(ish) city, you can feel the positivity and hope raditating off its walls. It meant something to be at a place where people imagined their future and hopefully many experienced it with the fall of communism.
Lennon Wall
Lennon Wall  Prague  Czech Republic

Lennon Wall
Once a divisive site in Prague (the government in the 1980s were not fans!) the wall is now a celebrated piece of Prague culture. The wall was a site where the disenchanted youth posted their messages of frustration. After John Lennon’s death they were complimented with lyrics from the Beatles songs. It is a site that continues to change with each new installation – with new colors bringing a new lease of life. The wall faced it’s biggest challenge in November 2014 when on the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution a group of art students painted the entire wall white leaving only the words ‘Wall is Over’. Thankfully the wall has been restored to its colorful and liberated self – and the wording of the mural changed to ‘War is Over.’ Take the time to search out the wall, its located in the cobbled street at the base of the castle known as Grand Priory Square in Mala Strana – which can be tricky to find without googlemaps – but it is so worth it when you do!
Lennon Wall Prague  Czech Republic

Velkopřevorské náměstí, 100 00 Praha 1, Czechia