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Legendary Palace

Oakland's Legendary Palace - Don't worry about the service, don't miss the egg tart!
Most dimsum places aren't known for their service so and this place is no different, but I just go for the food! I’ve eaten dimsum in Hong Kong and if you can survive that you can survive anything! There always a big debate as to whether Legendary Palace has good dimsum or not, but I think that is part of the Chinese culture in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are spots like this one that people have been going to for years, but they'll still complain. They have a lot of specialties such as one of my favorites, pan fried chives and shrimp, but what most people rave about, even if they don't agree on anything else, is that they have a great egg tart!
708 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA
+1 510-663-9188