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Le Parker Meridien

119 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019, USA
| +1 212-245-5000

The Timelessness of NYC

Some might say this photo doesn't really say anything. It's of some weird part of some city somewhere and it happens to be snowing. I beg to disagree. This was my view from a regular room at the Le Parker Meridien in downtown New York on New Year's Eve. We all know the traditional views of New York with its skyscrapers and crazy traffic and crowds of people, but this view was my absolute favorite. The snow came rushing in and coated the surrounding buildings, which gave off steam in response to the heating systems having to kick it up a notch in order to keep up with the continual precipitation. Glancing out my window, I was pleased to note that if I didn't know the actual year, I may not be able to get a gauge on exactly what decade I was in at the moment. The Big Apple moves forward at a crushing pace, morphing and changing and growing into something new every second. The city also has a certain way of harkening back to its grand history, never fully relinquishing the connection to the past. The Parker Meridien sits right in middle of all this, a modern commentary on the skyline, while overlooking the city's historical beginnings. And that's what I saw from my widow, in a snowstorm, watching the vintage landscape breath: the timelessness of New York City.