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Le miroir d'eau

Reflections of Bordeaux
"Le Miroir d’Eau” near the Garonne River is a delightful place for an afternoon of people watching in one of France’s most enduring and picturesque cities. While photographers focus on the reflections of the Place de la Bourse in the mirror of water, children and fun-loving adults dance through the fine mist that spews every 15 minutes or so. Bordeaux’s once grimy waterfront has been replaced with exquisite gardens, walking and bicycle trails, and cafés that attract local families, street musicians, lovers, and tourists. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, Bordeaux offers culture, heritage, fine cuisine, and — of course — the world’s greatest wines.
Magical reflections at le miroir d'eau
The first night I landed in Bordeaux, I was searching for a place to eat dinner and ended up walking into this beautiful place. The most instagrammable place in all of Bordeaux thats for sure! There were lots of tourists around walking through the water. The second time I came to Place de la Bourse and Miroir d'eau was during a rainy day. There was hardly anyone here and when the sun starting to set, the mist was turned on and the lights of Place de la Bourse turned on. It was magical and I had the place to myself for a good 20 minutes.
Magical reflections at le miroir d'eau Bordeaux  France

Le Miroir d'eau, 33000 Bordeaux, France