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Rue de la platinerie 8A, 7340 Colfontaine, Belgium
| +32 65 80 17 07
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My Favorite Restaurant in Brussels  Colfontaine  Belgium

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Tue - Fri 10am - 12:30pm, 2pm - 6pm
Sat 10am - 5pm

My Favorite Restaurant in Brussels

Finding food while traveling sometimes seems like a challenge. Finding that oh so perfect restaurant where the food is great, the atmosphere lovely, full of locals and not a tourist in sight and doesn’t’ break the bank?! Well, sometimes that seems like such a tall order, you might wonder if the holy grail would be easier to find?!

One night in Brussels we found our way to a tiny restaurant near Flagey Square and this place is just that. A French bistro with about 30-seats, seasonal cooking where the chef cooks what delights her. Angela, the chef, came out from the kitchen to help us with the menu as the only waiter speaks none. The kind of place where you really don’t even need to look at the menu and should always just ask for the chef’s favorite that day. At the end of the meal, Angela comes back out to check on us and asks how did we come to find her place? I think the presence of travelers is uncommon here so she had to ask. A friend told us of course.

I love Angela and her cooking so much I almost don’t want to tell you where it is. If I share, will you promise to tread lightly and not ruin it?! Les coin de Artist.