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Lavers Hill

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures!
“Don’t look down!” somebody cautions as we head down the skinny spiral stairs. So we all look down. Filtered by the straight lines of a steel walkway below, the vibrant rainforest floor is exactly 47-metres away. After our giddy descent from the pinnacle, we're still 30-metres above ground when the massive cantilever beckons. Stretching out over the rainforest with no structural support in sight, it's like a magical floating bridge in a giant green wonderland.

“This can hold 28 tonnes. That’s fourteen elephants!” our guide reassures us.

Doubting this has ever been tested, the group moves forward anyway, reasoning that a few kilograms of human should be fine.

Reaching the very end, lying face down to peek through a gap in the steel, it begins to rain. I marvel at the dense beautiful fernery dripping below me and feel like I’m flying.
57 Great Ocean Rd, Lavers Hill VIC 3238, Australia
+61 3 5237 3251