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Latte Crudo

Raw Milk at Your Fingertips
My home country has an irrational fear of raw milk. In order to purchase this creamy, floral, rich milk with a faint vanilla flavor, you either can't or you must go through some odd maneuvers, such as buying a share of a cow. But in Umbria (and other places in Italy) it couldn't be easier. Keep an eye out for a "Latte Crudo" Stand (most commonly found in front of shopping centers). Follow the directions and purchase a bottle for €0,30 and ready the bottle under the spigot and insert money corresponding to how much milk you want, anywhere from a glass to a liter (which is €1,00). There is a sign on the canister that says when the milk was delivered (that morning), and in the evening, the milk is taken away to be turned into cheese. Easy, inexpensive, eco-conscious (if you bring your own bottle), gut friendly, and totally delicious. Few things say, "I'm not in the United States anymore" more than buying raw milk from a stand.

06034 Foligno, Province of Perugia, Italy