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Photos of Las Vegas

The Prickly Desert Coral
CATCH Week1: On a road trip from Texas to California, I stopped in Arizona for a sleep. While driving though the lonely and isolated desert roads, headed towards Nevada, I spotted these cactus that reminded me of the Caribbean coral species the Staghorn. Naturally I stopped along the road to photograph it, only to discover after a few quick footsteps that my sandals were then coated in small, urchin-like cactus spines. I quickly snapped a photo before tip-toeing back to my car and trying in vain to remove the spines. The desert is beautiful in a prickly way, but I think I'll keep my Caribbean sea.
Las Vegas
Walking in LV , the Hotel Encore are so cool. Very beautiful place. So wonderful
Las Vegas Las Vegas Nevada United States

Looking Over the Las Vegas Strip
I've never been a big fan of Las Vegas. But a recent extended trip in Sin City changed my perspective. With camera in hand, I began capturing the city one picture at a time. The lights, color, contrast and shimmer enveloped me and I fell in love. Vegas is a hedonist's paradise. And it's also a place that can take you away on a magical ride of light if you allow it.
Looking Over the Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas Nevada United States

Capture A City's Color And Texture Through A Photo Walk
I've always found Las Vegas to be vapid and superficial. That is until I saw it through my camera. A simple photo walk that captured the bright, colorful, shiny, and sparkly textures of the city changed my view. Through my camera I grew to appreciate the vibrance and opulence of a city known for hedonism and excess. Taking a photo walk is a great way to experience a place in a fresh way. Wander with camera in hand and capture the details surrounding you. Look at landmarks from a different angle, or take pictures of details or portions of the landmark instead of a traditional postcard view. Wander from the tourist path in to residential neighborhoods. Take pictures of what may seem simple and everyday. They will actually reveal the true textures of the place you're visiting—especially when you look at them side-by-side.
Capture A City's Color And Texture Through A Photo Walk Las Vegas Nevada United States

24-Hour Action
Seeking a steak for breakfast? That's easy to find. If the urge to grab a burger strikes at 3:00 in the morning, it's no problem. Las Vegas never sleeps, and, as a result, there's always something to do and somewhere to eat at all hours of the day. "Last call" doesn't really exist in Las Vegas, and, instead, bars and pubs eventually just close their doors for the night (or early in the morning) when things start to slow down. The casinos are open around the clock, of course, so there's always somewhere to stretch out restless legs, and because the weather is decent year round in Las Vegas, people watching on the Strip and downtown is always an option. Most stores, clubs, attractions and restaurants have closing hours, but there are always a few that cater to the 24-hour audience, so visitors never have to feel like they are the only ones awake.
24-Hour Action Las Vegas Nevada United States

Holiday Love Year Round in Las Vegas
Chinese New Year, St. Patrick's Day, Carnivale, Halloween... Name the holiday and Las Vegas celebrates it! There's something about Las Vegas that encourages people to party, and party hard, whatever the reason. Themed bars and attractions, such as Irish pubs, latch on hard to the one or two holidays that truly speak to its demographic, while nightclubs and casino resorts in general love to dress up for and celebrate everything from Mardi Gras to the Day of the Dead. Though some of the celebrations might seem a little odd, visitors will likely get more out of the festivities if they embrace them rather than avoid them. When in Vegas, do as Vegas does...
Holiday Love Year Round in Las Vegas Las Vegas Nevada United States

Thanksgiving decorations
visit Las Vegas, there's so much to do other than gambling! the decorations in this picture are from Thanksgiving weekend...i believe at the Bellagio! but not sure, anyways there are decorations everywhere to impress you and they were starting to change to the Christmas decorations
Thanksgiving decorations Las Vegas Nevada United States

Great entertainment.
Beer Las Vegas Nevada United States

An Unexpected Amazing
My flight out of Salt Lake was severely delayed and I was last on the standby list for the next one out. Tired of sitting on a heater grate, tired of being in an airport, I decided to drive. The ticket agent said it would take six hours to get to Vegas. Someone nearby said it would be closer to seven. I had already sat three hours on a plane, two on that grate. What's another six? Besides, at least I would be moving.

I was surprised by the smog in Salt Lake, glad when it gave way to the slate gray Wasatch, the broad expanse of Great Basin. My ears began to pop as the road began to descend outside of St. George, but it wasn't until I crossed the Arizona line when my heart began to race. The sandstone, the red rock. The canyons o the Virgin River valley. I was physically affected, emotionally moved by a place in a way I hadn't been in years, not since that junior high trip to Maine.

The sun set out in front of me, I rolled down the windows to smell the mesquite dryness of the desert and felt like I was in a moment I never wanted to end.

I rolled into Vegas after dark, wishing I could go back.
An Unexpected Amazing Las Vegas Nevada United States

Cool places to explore and visit in Downtown Las Vegas
Cool places to explore and visit in Downtown Las Vegas. It has a more youthful and hipster appeal and also an art focus along with some quirky places to enjoy. This is the Vegas that is still original from the strip. Check out the photo highlights and details below
Cool places to explore and visit in Downtown Las Vegas Las Vegas Nevada United States

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