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Las Lomas de Arena del Palmar

Sand Dunes of Eastern Bolivia
We've all been to the beach. We have all felt sand. But maybe not all of us have seen sand dunes of this nature. Located about 45 minutes outside of the main city of Santa Cruz, Las Lomas de Arena are worth the trip. The dirt road leading to the entrance allows for glimpses into the backyards of fenced in beautiful white houses. We had to even get out of the jeep at one point and herd a group of the most beautiful cows I have ever seen out of our way. The view from the top of the sand dunes is magnificent. You hardly notice the tingle on your legs from the constantly blowing sand. I was sure that on the other side of the dune there must be crashing waves of an ocean or a lake but really it's only fields of lush green trees and bushes and mango trees.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia