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Larco Museum

The Larco Museum - Museum of Pre-Columbia Art
Lima's Larco Museum showcases remarkable chronological galleries providing an excellent overview on 3000 years of development of Peruvian pre-Columbian history. Located in a beautiful 18th century mansion built over a 7th century pre-Columbian pyramid, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens including some incredible cactus. The museum feature wonderful collections from Ancient Peru and the famous erotic archaeological collection, one of the most visited Peruvian tourist attractions. Some will make you giggle.
Museo Rafael Larco Herrera
The entrance to this great museum in Lima is lined with beautiful flowers on both sides. Actually, the museum has a fantastic garden that can host weddings and parties if interested. The museum itself is pretty amazing too. It is a privately owned collection but they keep it open to public without government funding for the sole purpose of showcasing Pre-Incan art.
Museo Rafael Larco Herrera Lima  Peru

Discovering Peru in Larco Museum
The Larco Museum is the starting point of your visit to Peru. It has the largest collection of pre-Columbian pieces in the Americas and tells the history of Peru without being tiresome. That’s a feat in itself, because we’re talking about 10.000 years of history! Everything you’ll see in Lima and around the country will make sense after this visit.
The quality and beauty of the pieces are amazing, showing all the complexity of the local cultures. It’s a beautiful museum, very well curated, the exhibits are simple and to the point and everything is explained in displays and videos. The museum offers also a super interesting guided visit for families with children.
Other famous part of this museum is two private rooms dedicated to erotic pieces, showing the connection between erotic and fertility.
Discovering Peru in Larco Museum Lima  Peru

Av. Simón Bolivar 1515, Pueblo Libre 15084, Peru
+51 1 4611312
Sun - Sat 9am - 10pm