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Lanai City

The Liberty Ship of Shipwreck Beach
Of all the sights along Lanai's northeastern coast, none are more famous than the rusting Liberty ship which rises up from the shallow coral reef.

Although it appears to be a legitimate shipwreck, this concrete ship was intentionally scuttled as an economical means of disposal.

Just because the World War II relic was intentionally run aground, however, doesn't mean that other vessels don't lie on the ocean floor.

Up the coast at Awalua, a smaller shipwreck sits stuck on the reef in waters which teem with turtles and sharks.

At an undiscovered location, the American ship "London" sits in a watery-grave after running aground in 1826. What's particularly enchanting about the "London" wreck is how it allegedly sank with with a cache of bullion which has purportedly yet to be found.

When visiting Lana'i today, the area around "Shipwreck Beach" (traditionally known as Kaiolohia) is a popular spot for beachcombing, strolling on the sand, and hiking back to ancient petroglyphs which are tucked in a coastal valley.

Photographing the ship, of course, is another popular pursuit, and if you're lucky you'll encounter a group of kitesurfers racing past the crumbling hull.
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