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Lanai City

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Lana'i Rush Hour Lanai City Hawaii United States
Lana'i Rush Hour
If someone were to ship a Toyota Prius to the island of Lana'i, they could cover every mile of the island's paved roads on a single gallon of gas.


With only 30 miles of paved road (compared to 300 miles of unpaved roads), and 3,300 residents, traffic on Lana'i is rarely an issue. This is a look at the island's main highway,
which connects Lana'i City with Hulopo'e Bay and the ferry terminal to Maui.

During times when the traffic is particularly low, it's even possible (though not exactly legal), to skateboard down the center of the highway in the middle of broad daylight. For video of what exactly that looks like, check out the link below.

In addition to the refreshing lack of traffic, the highway is flanked by Cook Island pines which have been planted as a means of capturing the cloud vapor.

The moisture from the clouds is absorbed by the pine needles and subsequently finds its way into the island's groundwater. Even to this day, it's estimated that a healthy percentage of the island's water is captured by the trees which line the highway and the hillside.