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Lan Su Chinese Garden

Lan Su Chinese Garden
Lan Su Chinese Garden is a small yet beautiful garden in Portland's Chinatown. The gardens are beautifully manicured and the rockery is gorgeous. The gardens are relatively small but take your time. There is a small tea house in the back. Worth the visit and then enjoy some of the great restaurants nearby.

Wild Goose Chase
My dad and I visited the Lan Su Chinese Gardens expecting to do what normal tourists do - poke our heads in a few lacquer paneled rooms, snap a few pictures, and get on with our busy tourist lives.

But these gardens are an oasis of calm and class in the middle of dilapidated Old Portland. The verdant water plants and authentic, precise architecture are breathtaking and meditative in themselves.

However; what catapulted our experience into the annals of my finest memories was the FREE WILD GOOSE QI GONG class taught by a lively and granola Portlandian lady who showed us how to clap down our thighs and cup the life energy to our abdomen. At the end of the class, we flapped our arms like the style's namesake, the wild goose, as we did a moving meditation all the way around the garden.