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Learn How to Cook the Peruvian Way
Last year my husband and I were lucky enough to visit the fascinating Lake Titicaca. We were there for three days and we decided that we wanted to spend one of those days traveling around the area to see what life was like outside the touristy Lake Titicaca area. So we hired a local guide and asked him to take us to his favorite local towns.

The highlight of the day, though, was when our guide, understanding who interested we were in seeing what daily life is like in rural Peru, made an impromptu stop at his friend's house so we could meet him and his family. They couldn't have been more generous and welcomed us into their home with smiles all around. One of the most interesting things was the way in which they cooked their meals over a cooking fire, which they were happy to show us how to do.

That day traveling around Juliaca, Lampas, and Juli with a guide was one of our favorites of the trip!
Lampa, Peru